Oooooh Life!

Ooooh life! C’est la vie! Why is life doing this to me?! ….. Have you ever yelled this on a public street or on the top of a mountain for all to hear? Probably not, but you have to admit, you kind of want to from time to time, don’t you? Come one, don’t you?! Well I know I do, and here’s to betting you do too.

Hey everyone, I’m Roxy. I’m just your average, every day, run of the mill, first class philosopher, theologian, comic, over-opinionated and under-exposed girl who wants to change the world. (My deepest apologies to any English majors or real life authors that I may have offended with my run on sentence. Forgive the imperfection. Changing the world takes time and some sacrifices must be made…even grammatical ones.)

In all seriousness, for just a second, there are so many things that people have such a hard time getting real about. So many subjects are ignored or pushed to the side by everyone around us because society has a fear of not being politically correct. It’s enough to make a girl want to start a blog and just …. get…. real! Look, I’m not saying that tact and filtering your thoughts doesn’t have a valuable place in our society. I’m just saying that it doesn’t here. Okay, I exagerate a little. I won’t be going out of my way to offend anyone, but I will be going off the the beaten track a bit in an attempt to offer real, genuine thoughts and advice on all kinds of life issues.

Right about now you may be wondering, “Roxy, what gives you the right to tell me what to do or how to think?” You’re right to ask that question and my answer is … I don’t have that right. I can’t tell you how to think and I don’t have the right to force you, and that is the point of this blog! Let’s get real together! Join me and let’s see how many long held opinions we can’t shake up, turn over, smack on the bottom, and send forth something worthwhile.

Wish me luck. I’ll need it if we’re gonna’ change the world together.




About Roxy Gets Real

I'm just your typical, run of the mill, first class philosopher, comic, theologian, author, advocate, ambassador, ... You get the idea. Oh, and I like to get real. I really like it. If there's a topic close to my heart and heavy on my mind, I will post it here, hopefully with a little more humor and wit than that dumpster behind my duplex. Wish me luck. I'm gonna' need if we're gonna change the world together. Xoxo, Roxy View all posts by Roxy Gets Real

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